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Navigational Feature: It Can Directly Affect Your Website

Navigation is on one of the most important factors in a web design. Basically, if a certain website has a difficult and disorganized arrangement, more or less, the visitors on your website will definitely press that exit button. However if you have a very organize and strategic navigation system for your site tendency is, the visitor would likely to stay and scrutinized the whole detail of your site. Thus, navigation can either make or break your navigation

Most web designers know how to make your website pretty but unknown to many most of these website designers doesn’t know how to market your site. The great thing to know is that there are also some who puts a big emphasis on, this like Aranzamendez Design. Anyhow, for you to be guided if your website has good navigation then continue reading this article.

What are the things you need to know to make or improve your website navigation?

The first thing is that you have to make sure that you have a consistent navigation. It would be difficult for any visitor to be kept on adjusting if you will change every now and then the navigation system for your site. It helps if you have consistency in the navigation for them not to have trouble in searching for information on your site.

Another is that making sure that you have a clear division of your categories. Meaning each should be visibly and clearly seen. Each category should be well defined and every heading must be separate. Make sure also that each navigation element is clickable. It will be very convenient for visitors if the headings even the drops down menus are clickable.

One of the things that must also be took emphasis is using the appropriate title for each heading. This is very vital for each navigational title. Why? This is for the reason that every visitor has a general idea on where should they go and by clicking that main title they will find that specific topic they need. Therefore, it is very important that you use the proper title for each heading.

On the technical part, if you add up clickable images, make sure that each image has an ALT attribute that has a descriptive text that comes along with it. This will also assure that everyone will know what the link is no matter who they are viewing your website.

And lastly, make sure that all features are working properly. For example is you have properly spelled the titles or a clickable category will bring you to the relevant page. Simple factors that will give a total turn off if not properly done.

Navigation is an abstract thing that is way too important in a web design. Without the proper utilization of it all the information in your site will be gone to waste. Thus, it is very important that you put incorporate strategy and creativity in your design.


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SEO Campaign: Have You Hit Them Right on the Head?

The rumoured death of SEO was entirely proven wrong. Despite the many changes thatseo campaign
took place in most search engines especially Google, the SEO industry had managed to survive. There are still may SEO techniques, mostly white hat such social bookmarking; directory submission and blog commenting can still give a lift in your search PageRank. However, despite the fact that SEO is still and will always work out, there are several websites who weren’t able to deliver the appropriate SEO campaign for their site. Here are some tips on how to succeed in your SEO campaign:

The first thing to know is that you should set the right goals. It is important to know where your direction is and where should you be coming. For example if your website does not have higher rankings, then it is important that you find the appropriate key phrases and look for those that aren’t have a lot of competition. It is essential that you know what target phrases you should hit.

Another thing is that you should be serious about what you are doing. Search engine optimization takes time to happen. It doesn’t happen in a day. It takes enormous time and effort before you can finally the result. It is something worth investing and it should be continuous. There are many available tools available in the market, Google actually give a few free tools that can be helpful in optimizing.

As you go through the entire process of your campaign, you should always focus on the right elements and hit the basic right on the head. Though there are a lot of new trends in the SEO industry and it is not bad to follow it, however, the entirety of everything begun on the basic foundation of SEO. It is important that you follow the basic properties in optimizing such as making relevant and quality content.

Google had emphasized that making relevant and good quality content could really make a change in your ranking. However, if you didn’t choose the right keywords for your site then all the content you made will be gone to waste. The best keywords are those that are easy to search and those that will entice a lot of visitors to buy.

And lastly, get the appropriate and right backlinks for your website. Having enormous amount of backlinks does not necessarily help your site especially if you use automatic link from link building scheme. Those can actually put you in trouble. Quantity is not important it is the quality of the back links that you build. There are also professional managed link tools such as SEOMOZ that will help your website get best possible links.

It is important to know your goals in setting up your SEO campaign. And of course, invest insurmountable time and effort and eventually you will get your desired objectives.


The New Google Update That focuses in Diversity

There had been a lot of changes that is happening every now and then in Google. Before we can even cope and understand the change, another update will transpire thus making the whole process a tragic event for the SEO industry. However, the great thing about it is that SEO being flexible, can stand the progressive change that will occur in any of the search engines especially Google.

Days ago, there had been a rumor that another Google Algorithm update will take place. The alleged Panda 4.0 is chattered to be a diversification update. Matt Cutts, Google’s search team tweeted and have confirmed the rumors but still keep hanging us all hanging in what algorithm update is this. He said:

“Just FYI, we rolled out a small algorithm changed this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned.”

Many have noticed that the Google’s search result shows pages that came from the same domain. Meaning, if you do a research all things that will show off seems to come up from the same website. It has been discussed days ago in Danny Sullivan’s article in It simply looks like this:

google algorithm change











The reason of the update is to correct this issue thus making the research experience a more relevant one. It does make sense if there are varied search results that will come up and not the same thing that is shown above. Well, there’s a reason and a purpose for every search. Most of the reason is on finding and knowing a certain topic which it boils down to a relevant result but in variation where you can freely choose which is the most suitable.

Though there wasn’t any announcement yet, most webmasters think it is a Panda update since it has been a month and it’s a high time of its due. However, many of the other webmaster also await the Penguin update as well.

This is the edge of SEO among other factors in this industry. It is highly adaptable to change though embracing the truth that it is a very unstable industry and it continually changes.





Changes in Search Engine Ranking for this Year

These past months of 2012 have undergone several changes in the SEO industry. Those websites that had been enjoying their rank in Google’s search engine result had drastically changed. Especially those websites that had been doing black hat techniques drove to the lowest rank if not demoted. Google had been strictly implemented their rules and had been diligently updating their algorithm. Panda and Penguin had been a huge antagonist for every webmaster.

There had been a lot of rumours about the death of SEO however it was proven wrong. It has continued to grow and together with it is social ranking factor. Social Media Optimization had been the biggest trend in terms of search engine ranking. Most search engines had been adopting this trend for quite some time especially Google and most websites had adapted this change. Here are some steps given by Lazarus Hunt:

First on the list is a keyword specific domain name. This is when you choose a specific keyword that is relevant or the exact search engine keywords. It will ensure that the keywords will directly lead to your site. The keyword domain name tells that search engine bots to what a site is all about. The domain name is also the link that will point your website on the search engine result page. Another is keyword research and optimal on-site distribution. It is important that you will not miss out on your keywords for it will result in lack of traffic or sub-standard traffic. Google offers keyword research tools that help any webmaster in obtaining the right keywords for your site.

URL Optimization had been one of the most important factors that should be put on emphasis. Google gave a 125-page guideline on human URL raters. These are the few important scoring factors for the rating:

  • User intent and page utility
  • Location
  • Language
  • Query interpretation
  • Specificity of the query and landing page
  • Timelines of the informational need of the query to evaluate whether recent content is necessary

Another also is making sure that the content is original and not duplicate with free flowing language. This had been put emphasis on any article. Overly keyword stuffed articles are totally a no-no. Any article should be for human consumption making sure that the language written is free flowing. Though duplicate penalty had been cleared by Google in their blog, it is still has an effect on the rankings if the content are duplicated or copied.

And lastly, link building through directory submission has been one of the most effective techniques in search engine optimization. Building sites on websites that has high page rank helps for a better ranking in the search engine.

The changes in the algorithm had put a remarkable outcome in the SEO industry. These changes will continue to prosper and the webmaster will continue to find ways in making sure that their website will be on the coveted spot in search engine result.



Web Design: It’s The Key to Your Business Success

website design busines successWhat is the importance of web design? I know most of you ask the same question. Well coming from a person who had an enormous experience on web design it definitely is important. Especially in branding your business as well as increasing visitors in your website that would end up being your customer.

Scientifically, most people use their eyes in judging the potential of a product before they take advantage of it. Personally I also do the same thing. I check and look at the product and scrutinized every detail of it. Does it suit my needs? Is it economical to use them? Will it last longer compare to other products? We ask questions though merely looking for a certain product. That is the power of our visual capacity. Because as we all know, people are visually and physically judgmental.

 This goes the same with the web design.  It is somewhat the labeling of the services or products that we offer. People will look and stick around if you seem to have aroused their interest. They end looking around reading blogs and eventually get your contact and ask your service or buy your product. This is why most companies ask web designers to make them aesthetically functional and creatively done with specific purpose web designs.

There are several software that can allow anyone even a non-web designing degree holder can learn and make. It can be really fun though, putting and mixing colors, adding some pictures it something you would really like to do before launching your website.  Some websites are done using these kind of method in which they think that they can save a lot more money than asking or seeking the service of a professional web designer. However, what really had happened in reality is that most of these websites didn’t succeed in their business. Some visitor don’t really stick in the website for quite some time and in the end they lose their potential customers since they didn’t really see the real service that they can provide.

Hiring a web designer is the key to increase the financial status of your business. Every detail of a site is done with a purpose. There is a reason why a certain element was strategically applied on the interface on a website. There are a lot of tools that had been emerging which will help a professional web designer to choose from. And all of it needs to have an insurmountable time to learn. Their experience will also allow them to become good at what they do and also of course the proper training.

Web design is not merely an art it is also science for it is an application of knowledge of a certain degree to strategically attract potential customers to visit your website. Those visitors are potential clients so if they drop by your website you have to make sure that they are properly entertained and provide their needs. The website is a big store field with different stalls. They are all competition so you have to make sure that you are different and edgy from all others. You can also achieve these if you seek the service of a professional and award-winning web designer.


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Comments: How Important are They for Your Article

As we read articles over the net, we usually see a portion where we can leave or post a comment. Have you ever wondered why they always do that? If your layman you will basically think that they put such portion in order for the reader to give their opinions with regards to the article. It can also be a device wherein they can ask question regarding the topic that you have discussed or explained. Well to be honest that is what I also thought it was.

Moving on, as I was searching around for any updates in the SEO industry. I usually visit where I usually read blogs about the recent changes that is taking place and any random ideas that has something to do with SEO (of course!). As I was looking around I happened to stumble upon Jacob Klein’s blog entitled “How to Get More Comments on your Article”. I have learned that posting of comment can or may contribute to the freshness rate of the article that you made. The number of comments may also have a direct correlation on the ranking of your page (take note of the word “may”). The way I understand the freshness and relevance of a particular article may increase traffic through a higher number of visitors.

Also, Klein puts a little emphasis that Google also utilizes these comments on the relevance of the keywords in the search results. Look at the picture below and how Klein explained:

 importance of blog comments

“The highlighted text isn’t an actual copy of the page itself. It’s from one of the comments towards the bottom of the page. Google has determined that this page is relevant to the query in part because of a comment that includes text that the webmaster hadn’t even thought to include on the page. Would the page have ranked without the comment? Possibly; but to me, an example like this shows that Google clearly uses comments to help determine page relevance in a competitive space where most competing pages look startlingly similar, you’re going to need any edge you can get.”

 This is evident that those comments posted in your blog will really give a big contribution and importance in your search engine results. This has really something to do that Google is making the whole search engine to be a source of relevant information and a place where people (not bots) will have a real conversation. Well, if so happen that it is really like then that is good news for the users. Well they should be the one to be pleased anyway since.

Now if you are a writer and you have paid so much effort in your writing try commenting on others work too they might return the favor and end benefiting from each other.


What Matters Most for a Web Design Aesthetic or Content?

I was searching around the net to find a better topic for this article. However, I ended up reading a lot of articles and learned new ideas and perspective that I lose track on finding a topic for this article. Oh well, at least I have something.

Anyhow, as I was googling around, I came across a tech mag that is seriously writing about the developments in the internet. But among those articles one of those had stricken a bit of my cerebral capacity of thinking, is web designing synonymous to the word pretty?

Well, most of the time we usually hear from our clients that they wanted something pretty for this site. They only think about the aesthetic component and not really the content which is the most important thing. As being discussed in Jason Gross article; A matter of Aesthetic: The Designer will make it pretty, “the real value in design comes from what you can’t see or what you don’t appreciate; it comes from all of the trouble that you don’t have because we fixed it ahead of time. Thank goodness we know better: if we just made things pretty, all of our work would be in vain.”

Web designers do not simply make your website be visually aesthetic but we also showcase the full potential of the content and service that your company offers. That is the true essence of making a website for your company. Though, we are really indeed that one who is sculpting your site into a beautifully crafted masterpiece that focuses and adds up the color, ratio, form, flexibility and accessibility of your site, however it is equally important that clients should also take part in making their site be a valuable one. Especially now that Google had been so serious about making every site a source of relevant and quality contents, it is important that clients will also take part on making their website not only aesthetically valuable but also a site that is rich with information.

If we simply put it, a website that is only pretty without the contents is like a beautiful woman minus the intelligence. Without its intelligence we can’t appreciate the value of the woman we are dating is not too high since we know that she’s just someone for the mean time. Just the same for a site, we appreciate its amazingly crafted designs but without its content we still click the x button and leave the site.

Every detail of a site is done by a web designer. The lines, the graphs and the tiles those are carefully thought by a designer but those will be gone to waste if we only focus on the aesthetic value of the site. Being pretty should also be equivalent to putting a relevant content to a website.


Duplicate Content: When Will it Harm or Not Harm Your Website at All

stop duplicate contentDuplication of content is one of the reasons that will affect your search ranking. Greg Grothaus, a software engineer of Google, explained duplicate content though video presentation and it has gotten more confusing, and most SEOs became quite worried about what this so called Duplicate Content Penalty. However, they have cleared this one out and said at the beginning of the video.

“First and foremost I want to clear up a myth that has been going around called the duplicate content penalty. Generally speaking, people are worried that Google has a penalty for sites that have duplicate content on them…. What we’re doing for that specific query we are omitting the print article. It’s not a penalty.” They have also released in the Webmaster Central Blog that “There’s no such thing as a duplicate content penalty”. Though these statements have given most of us some sort of relief, duplication of content still hurts our website’s PageRank.

When will this duplication of content become a bad idea in our website? Well, it all boils down to the reason why you wanted to duplicate that particular content. Now if you intend to have a higher ranking, then don’t do duplication end of the story. The exact words Google said about their blog regarding duplicate content is that “Duplicate content on a site is not a ground for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.” And that’s the time when duplication is bad for your site through demotes your rank or worst removing you completely on the search list. It is also an indication of spamming and we all know that spamming is super bad for our site.

On the other hand, when will the duplication be fine for our website? There are two reasons I can actually think the first one is when there are several URL of our website points out the same page of our site. The search engine will index those URLs separately and as a result it indexed the same content which means it is a duplicate content. Though it pointed out the same page in the eyes of the search engine it was just indexed separately. Most of the time the search engine will just choose the URL that would represent that particular page best.

The second reason would be if you wanted to create a specific function for your website. Let say, if you wanted to make another site that will have a printable version of the pages then most probably you will be duplicating most of its content. However this duplication will appear as an additive search engine results, however if the user will look for pages that has a printable version of your page then most likely it will appear instead of the original web page.

There are actually other reasons when duplication of content will be okay for your website. You just have to take note on the purpose why you need to reuse that content. Well, it is just so weird to have duplicate content that will appear on the search engine, I mean you don’t want to end up searching the same thing over and over again. So better be careful in doing so and you’re safe.

Who Says Link Building is Phased Out?

link-building-strategiesThere a lot of rumors circulating that SEO are obsolete and that link building industry is dead. Well, there isn’t any truth about this. Even if the Google Penguin update had put a lot of website’s ranking in the search engine into a serious drop. There are still several types of link building that are still effective and can still help for your website search rank. Here are some of those ways in which it can still give a big lift on your PageRank.

Since time in memorial I had always been using manual blog commenting. Though I also tried to use some software that can generate automated blog comments, I still stick to commenting on blogs manually. This is basically because I can engage with the website that is relevant to my site and also I can hand-pick those authority sites, as we call it, to ensure that particular site will be sticking around for quite some time and so as my blogs. There is also a big possibility that my comment will be approved. These authority sites had been circulating in the internet for several years and had established high PageRank. These sites also have huge followers that read the posts, thus there is a big possibility that they can come across your blog comments.

It has always been emphasized nowadays that quality content is necessary to keep up with Google. They intend to make it a place wherein people can truly read and engage articles that are relevant to their keyword search. Another way to a higher ranking is through guest posting. Though it is a little tedious, guest posting is extremely effective in making ranking to a notch higher. Press release is another thing as well. Manual distribution of press release can also be a ticket in making your ranking higher for the next update.

WordPress, Squidoo and Hubpages are sites that are Web 2.0 properties. These sites areweb-2.0-websites reviewed every now and then so if you intend to do back linking these sites are ideally favorable. Try putting an effort to write relevant and quality content articles and do not attempt to submit copied content or even spun content since they would easily remove in just a matter of a few days. As I have said quality articles are being emphasized nowadays. Be sure that you have a unique, relevant, quality and intended for human consumption articles and you will surely be approved and thus ensuring that the article will stay   longer in those properties.

These are just a few of those effective link buildings to give your website increase its standing in major search engines. Don’t think that the SEO industry is already dead because it is not true and has been proven wrong. It is just important that you don’t overly optimize your site to have a favorable face in Google.

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A Closer Look in Google Updates for the Month of August

penguin-and-panda-updateThe month of August has been a whirlwind adventure for the SEO in terms of Google updates. Several Webmaster tools have emerged that includes PageRank updates and Site Speeding Updates. And of course, both Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are continuously scrutinized websites to optimize its capacity to crawl and index sites. Most SEO’s have been very busy in catching up the changes and updates for this month.

The busiest month of the year so far has not yet ended but there are too many changes that most Webmasters need to cope up. Well if we looked at the brighter side of it, most of the updates are tools to show and to help the site owners know how to have a better ranking in Google and also for those who had been demoted will recover their reputation in the eyes of Google. However, Panda and Penguin were becoming more efficient in their usual job. The anti-spamming ability has been developed for Penguin, so for those who has been spamming on Google, you better watch out. Well, that isn’t a bad news for those creating legitimate and natural linking it will somehow help since your efforts will finally be paid off.

Google has also been strict in copyright ownership for this month. They had been serious about demoting the pages of those sites that are suggested in not having copyrighted content. Those that didn’t follow will have their page on the lower if not the lowest rank. They wanted to ensure the authenticity of every site and of course the legitimacy, which is very important.

Another recent update is that they have noticed that most SEO experts had been checking their blog more often than checking their URL, Google has realized it’s time for them to lend a hand to the webmasters through the latest “Search Queries feature in Webmaster tools”. This would help Webmaster knows what had caused the sudden drop or sudden growth of their site.

They also have given guides and tips in website testing and how does it affect your PageRank in Google search result. Those had been properly and further discussed in the Official Central Webmaster Blog. They also gave URL parameters to be guided on how to be more efficient in helping Google to crawl your site.

SEO experts had been so busy understanding the changes that occurred. It is always better to lead the game though if they knew the concept of these changes first then they will be heading further first. Well it is the goal of every SEO experts and webmasters to make their website favorable in Google. To be on the first page of the search result, if not dominate the whole page, will the biggest achievement for every SEO.

Responsive Web Design Call of The Hour

The technologies of our world have changed and developed over the years. And it is expected to further improve in the coming years. From big monitors to lead screens, everything had become accurate and adaptive to any change in nature. Human beings had been creative and answer every human wants and of course needs.

A pivotal change in the web design industry had taken place when tabs and smart phones had emerged in these past couple of years. They had also been rumors that desktop computers will no longer be that trendy by the year 2014 and will be replaced by these little gadgets. One way or another it is somehow difficult for the regular web design, which is designed for desktop, to be placed on those small platforms. That is why the experts in web designing and developing have created the so called responsive web design.

As you all know, this is the latest practice in web designing. They are believed to be the future of web design. Well, the nature of this Responsive Web Design is that, it is capable of resizing and rescaling. It adjusts and intelligently adapts the size of the platform thus creating a suitable appearance on a small screen. This is actually great since it will no longer difficult to point or touch those tiny buttons you wanted to choose. Another advantage in the usage of this technique is that it can mitigate costs. Developing a website every new technology will emerge in the market is obviously will cost you some money. Now, if you have this design it would easily adapt to whatever kind of platform without sacrificing the content and valuable tiles in the design.

Changes in the web designing industry will occur in the upcoming years but for those who had strategically changed their web design to these trendy Responsive ones will surely cope up with any changes in the business.

A Review on How to Deal with the Google Updates and Changes

dealing with google updatesThe SEO industry fell ill for these past months due to Google’s Panda and Penguin Algorithm updates every now and then. It was like a battle to keep on fighting. For some it has already been a losing battle but for some, they continue on surviving and fighting. The webmasters had been brainstorming for new strategies and techniques to survive this outright battle. As a matter of fact, some of them had thought of some remedy on how to deal with this present issue. Google was not solely became a foe for the SEOs but had also become a friend through their webmaster’s tools. Their advocacy in being so called transparent had really brought in actualization through those tools.

However, Google also puts emphasis on being natural and become “for-human-consumption”. Because what had happened in the past is that there were overly keyword stuffing that it was hard to understand and irrelevant in nature. They also want everything on the web as legitimate as they could and eradicate those unnatural and copycats. It is also righteous to do so as everyone else has become dependent in the internet nowadays.

Going back to the strategies on how to deal with the changes in SEO, there are some who would say that the most important thing to survive this dilemma is to choose the right keywords. Google likes relevant and useful keywords. Well basically, the users will click those words to get to your link so they have to be strategically positioned and above all they should be pleasing to the user’s eye.

Another important thing also is the quality content. As we all know, the Internet should be a source of correct and relevant information therefore it is proper that the information and content that we get on the web should be of quality and of course factual. There had been articles and content that have overly stuffed with keywords which were no longer intended for the reading of human beings but already in the system. Maybe it was then that Google realized that it was really the time of the year to stop those unwanted SEO practices which is somehow correct.

As everyone would sayit is no longer just solely about the links, it is also about the promotions. As you have heard social media played a vital role in increasing the website’s traffic. They believe to be the portals in making your website visible the on a higher PageRank. Though links are still equally important it is still legit that your site is in actuality viewed by real users or target audience.

The battle has not yet ended for the SEO industry however they will survive this battle for the reason that SEO in nature is adaptive to changes. They had been around since time in memorial but they have managed to survive the industry. They had done it more than a couple of times and they will still do it for another more times.

Emphasized Promotion, Not the Links

As you know, there are a lot of changes that had happened in the SEO industry. Gone aresocial-media-optimization the days when massive hocus-focus link building can be an expressway to be on the top rank of the search engine results. For some crying over a spilled is not helpful. What they have decided is to identify new strategies and techniques to withstand the quality control classifying ability of Panda and the thematic link sniffing filter power of Penguin that would result to demote websites that has excessive inbound anchor text for example unnatural link signals.

For a certain period Google algorithm updates almost erase the SEO industry due to these Panda and Penguin situation. But as you can see SEO is a very adaptive in nature and most the experts in this field are creative enough to find ways on how to survive these changes.

And Google had been helpful enough to be handing webmaster tools to know what and where should you start working on.

In a way, these changes actually mean that we have to be ethical and follow guidelines for us to gain our rank. For now, it is no longer about the links we build but how do we promote our site. It is classy to know that a website gained its rank due to an organic way. There are no shortcuts for any site to be on the top page. You have to a big deal of hard work in a legitimate way. They also emphasized the use of relevant content that is not bombarded with so many keywords that it seems not made for human consumption anymore.

Going back to my point that it is not solely about links anymore but how we promote our website. Everything else in this Industry is thinking varied ways to step up and cope up with this tougher arena. Apparently, to compete with everyone else you have to learn to create the proper ways in promoting your campaign. The first thing you have to learn is the proper usage of keywords. There are a lot of power tools available in the market for finding the proper and saleable keywords. You have to be sure that you know the time frame for the ranking of your site. The second thing to know is that using those identified keywords makes relevant contents that drive traffic for your link. And lastly, understand the nature of the social media sites, the RSS directories or press release sources. This is your vehicle for legitimate traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is still equally important, it isn’t dead. However, Google puts emphasis on the relevant content that is for the consumption of human beings and not for the search ranking system. Otherwise, it will defeat the main purpose of the Internet which is to be a source of knowledge.

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Google Gives Guidelines in A/B and Multivariate Testing

Google as it continues to extend its helping hand to webmasters and SEO experts gives guidelines on conducting A/B and multivariate testing and keep the coast clear for any issues. But before we go further to the entire guidelines let us be refreshed to what Web testing, A/B and multivariate testing mean.

As Susan Moskwa, Webmasters Trend Analyst of Google described each as follows:

 “Website testing is when you try out different versions of your website (or a part of your website), and collect data about how users react to each version. You use software to track which version causes users to do-what-you-want-them-to-do most often: which one results in the most purchases, or the most email signups, or whatever you’re testing for. After the test is finished you can update your website using the “winner” of the test—the most effective content.”

“A/B testing is when you run a test by creating multiple versions of a page, each with its own URL. When users try to access the original URL, you redirect some of them to each of the variation URLs and then compare users’ behavior to see which page is most effective.”

“Multivariate testing is when you use software to change different parts of your website on the fly. You can test changes to multiple parts of a page—say, the heading, a photo, and the ‘Add to Cart’ button—and the software will show variations of each of these sections to users in different combinations and then statistically analyze which variations are the most effective. Only one URL is involved; the variations are inserted dynamically on the page.”

With the following information, here are the guidelines that they gave:

 1. Never attempt cloaking. Showing different set in Googlebot and to users is a big NO to Google’s Webmaster guidelines, to avoid being demoted or worse, been removed from Google search results. Even if it is a running test or not. Be sure that you are not merely deciding to serve the test or in deciding to what content variant to serve, basing on a user-agent.

2. Use rel=“canonical” link attribute. Google prefers the usage of this link than a noindex Meta tag this is for the reason that it is closely related to your intent in running an A/B test with multiple URL’s.

3. Use the temporary 302 redirect in running an A/B test. This is to emphasize in the search engine that what you’re redirecting the users is temporary. However place it only in you are still running the test and keep the original URL in their index and not replace them. You may also use JavaScript-based redirects.

4. Limit the experiment and only do it as long as it is still necessary. Though there is no definite time on how long should the test should be done, it will be great that you have a testing tool that would tell you when to stop and that you will have gathered enough information. If the test still runs at an unreasonable time, Google will think that you are trying to deceive them. Remove everything that is related to the test as soon as you have concluded so they will not interpret as deceiving the search engine results.

These are the guidelines that will ensure you a smooth sailing A/B and multivariate web testing. It is easy to follow and can assure you of not having an issue in your page rank.

Understanding Your Profile Rank in an SEO Way

The world today relies on the Internet. There are several ways wherein it can help us in oursocial-media-seo daily lives. Online shopping, selling, socializing and the most of the common are online researching. Researching on the net is most widely used. It is the easiest, fastest and the most convenient medium to gather information. It is because most agencies upload most of their information over the web. Like for example if we researched our names, we can find information about us even if we didn’t record them.

This is the basic reason why some companies check their applicant background on the net. Information that wasn’t introduced and endorsed in the resume will surely be found on the net. But one of the things you wonder if you try to check your name on the net, you don’t dominate the entire first page of the search results. Why is it so? Well there are a lot of factors and those are basically understood by SEO experts but for a commoner, it is somehow confusing to know that why we have limited information when you have posted a lot of information in your Facebook account.

Well this is because Social Media Profiles like Facebook and also Twitter are both in the fourth box, which means they are just on the average rank. So basically, if you search your profile in Google, your Facebook account will rank fourth. This will be the conclusion that if you only have an account on Facebook then that’s the only thing that will come out of the search results and some of those information downloaded in the different agencies.

Why is it important to own or dominate the first page of the search results? As the research says, 94% of individuals only view the first page of the results. Some will no longer patience to move their research further on the next page. That is why it is important that you own the very first page of the search results.

Therefore if you wanted to dominate the whole first page of the search result the best way to do is to sign up any other site like Linkedin which ranks number three. This is a site where it shows personal information on the things that you can do. Also shows your educational background and the things that you have attained over the years. A blog site that will also show your personality and skills, which is also a big plus since it is somehow an intimate information about you that will give them an idea, for example if you’re a brilliant writer, on the things that you can do. Those two will surely give a big impact on your background since those two sites will give out good impression for any employer.

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