The use of SEO practices is very widespread on the internet. Almost every website is using some search engine optimization technique. And if you are a blogger then there are also a few tips that you can follow to make your blog more search engine friendly.

These tips are absolutely crucial, especially if you want to ensure that your blog becomes easy to find. So do not hesitate to try out these tips if you want to make your blog and its posts easier to find on the web.

Here are a few SEO tips that every blogger should know:

Images need to be optimized too

When search engines check the data of your posts, they also take a look at your images as well. You can ensure that your images are SEO friendly, by making them high-quality and related to your post. You can also try to upload a unique image to your blog post to make it easier to find. Another thing you can do is to add keywords to the filename of your image. So do not just name your image a random filename, make sure it is related to the post as well.

Headings make your post more SEO friendly

Search engines favour blog posts that have got headings. And not only that, but people also find it easier to read posts that have got headings. So if you want visitors to your blogs to stick around and read through your blog posts, you should try using headings as part of the structure of your blog posts. The use of sub-headings as part of your blog posts can also be useful because it can make your post easier to read as well.

Make use of other social media platforms

You should also take a look at having other links to your social media accounts. Cross-posting your blog post and having a link to it from your Facebook could draw in more visitors as well. Leveraging other social media platforms is a fast, easy but very effective way to ensure that your blog posts get visits. You will simply get more visitors if you advertise your blog and its posts on other kinds of social media.

Add a subscription option on your blog

If you want more return visitors to your blog, you should consider adding a subscription. This can be in the form of an RSS feed or an email newsletter. Whatever kind of subscription option that you can offer, you will have to make sure that it is visible and open to your readers. You will be able to draw in more return visitors and frequent ones if you just give your readers an option to subscribe to your blog.

Use the appropriate keywords

When you run a blog, you will probably have some target market in mind. You should use the appropriate keywords for your blog posts if you want to attract that target market. And learning which keywords to use requires research. You can take a look at search analytics to see which kinds of keywords are leading people to certain types of posts. Or you could also use tools that tell you the most common keyword search of a specific target market.

Create posts regularly

This is another simple but effective way to make your blog more SEO-friendly. If you just add posts and create content for your blog at regular intervals, you will get more regular visitors. Search engines will favor blogs that have got content that is posted regularly. And if you want more readers, you will have to show them some way that your blog is worth following.