Customer engagement strategy

5 Tips for a Good Customer Engagement Strategy

When it comes to getting–and keeping–customers, you want to make sure you have the best strategies in play. Getting customers into your business is one thing. Engaging them can be another.

With a customer engagement strategy, you can make sure your customers feel like they’re important to your business. Customer engagement shouldn’t just matter to customers. It should also matter to you.

How can these strategies help your bottom line? An engaged customer offers a business a 23% premium.

Now that you know why it’s important to engage your customers, it’s time to learn how. There are five steps you can take:

  1. Find your ideal customer
  2. Talk to your customers
  3. Create brand ambassadors
  4. Make customer support a top priority
  5. Collect feedback

Are you ready to start building unforgettable relationships with your customers? Keep reading to learn more.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

Any customer is good to have, right?


There are some customers that hurt your business. They take up time without spending much money, or they only buy once and never return.

Your ideal customer is someone you can build a relationship with. To discover who this customer is, think about why you opened your business in the first place. You probably wanted to solve a problem.

To find your ideal customer, find the people who have the problem you can solve, and then implement the rest of your customer engagement strategy.

Talk to Your Customers

Keeping the conversation flowing is a great way to engage customers. You’ll find out what their pain points are and how you can help. You’ll find out how you can improve your business.

You’ll establish yourself as an expert.

One way to open up the conversation is with content marketing. Sometimes it’s hard to know which content marketing practices are good and which aren’t, and that’s when it’s time to consult with an expert.

Some examples of content marketing include blogging, email marketing, e-books and white papers, and social media.

Create Brand Ambassadors

When your ideal customer has a positive experience with your business, she or he can become a brand ambassador.

These ambassadors are people who talk publicly and positively about your brand. They can be customers and employees. They bring others on board as customers with their infectious positivity.

The best way to create brand ambassadors is to put your customer first. You can also implement a referral system to kickstart the process.

Put Customer Support First

Having a customer service team is a great way to make customers feel important and engaged. However, every one of your employees should consider customer support a part of their job.

If your business puts the customer’s needs first, then the customer will notice they are valued and engaged. They’re then more likely to reward your business by becoming a repeat customer and brand ambassador.

Collect Feedback About Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Listen to your customers. It’s one thing to open the door of communication, but it’s another to listen. We don’t just mean you should hear or read their words.

Actively listen.

If they’re telling you something works well, keep doing it. If they’re telling you something isn’t working, figure out why and fix it.

Conversation and engagement are together a two-way street.

Can’t you just go get new customers? Sure, if you want them to cost you six to seven times what retaining an engaged customer costs.

To learn more about finding the right customers and engaging them, contact us.

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