search engine rankings improve with fast website

Page speed as a ranking factor

The importance and effects of a fast website towards ranking

website speed improves your rankingsHave you ever wondered about how page speed as a ranking factor can affect a website? If you have, then you should realize that in today’s generation, no one wants things slow. They all want it fast. That is why things like the websites need to be fast for it to appeal to today’s generation. Especially since with a fast website, it can be placed on the first page of your web browser, which is an important thing for website owners. (more…)

8 tips to help bloggers with SEO

The use of SEO practices is very widespread on the internet. Almost every website is using some search engine optimization technique. And if you are a blogger then there are also a few tips that you can follow to make your blog more search engine friendly.

These tips are absolutely crucial, especially if you want to ensure that your blog becomes easy to find. So do not hesitate to try out these tips if you want to make your blog and its posts easier to find on the web. (more…)